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With so many website building tools on the market and so many people offering to build one for you, why do you need TAKe4?

Look, this isn’t rocket science. Websites are programmed in a language called html that is probably easier to learn than most of those packages that people try to sell you. Sure, we can do complicated things within a site, but most real needs are for simple communication.

For a simple webpage, a programing package complicates things by attempting to write the code for you. Making changes becomes difficult. Go ahead, right click on any webpage here and choose “view source” from the drop down menu that appears. You will see simple clean code. Now look at the code for other sites created by a package and see how messy the code looks. There are literally hundreds of unnecessary lines of code. Now if you can get messy code easily or cheaply, the advantages of simplicity might not matter. If you can’t, let us build you something simple and easy to maintain.